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    Dr. Glenn is a tenured associate professor in the College of Education-Graduate Programs at Prairie View A&M University.

   He received his BBA and Masters of Business Administration degree from Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) and PhD in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University. His research continues to focus on holistic education with its aim to educate the whole person (e.g. physical, mental, emotional/spiritual, social and financial dimensions of life).

   He has served as a professor for eleven years in the department of Educational Leadership and Counseling with special emphasis on principal certification in conjunction with other roles that include: coordinator of a family and community violence prevention after-school program in Houston's fifth ward; a member of the university's faculty senate; president of the faculty senate; and interim associate vice president for student affairs.

   Upon graduating out of the PVAMU College of Business as a Magna Cum Laude honors student and MBA recipient, Dr. Glenn served as PVAMU Property Manager presiding over and accounting for over $130 million of fixed assets (e.g. capital property, plant and equipment). After receiving recognition and/or accommodations for a job well done in spite of significantly adverse University financial circumstances, he was promoted to Assistant Director of Accounting Services serving under Director Robby DeWitt. He later served on the internal audit staff of the University.

   Dr. Glenn is the author of a book entitled, "Motivate to Educate" and a supplemental handbook that addresses and outlines individual and institutional roles in schools and communities entitled, "Success is the Goal." He has published numerous articles that address issues involving socioeconomic status and cultural diversity and how they impact the classroom and campus environments.

   He is the President of the Brotherhood, Grimes County, a nonprofit community development corporation (founded in 1995) which has as its mission to address the needs of at-risk children and families. Additionally, he is the founder and business owner of Glenn Educational Consulting; See website: www.glenneduconsulting.com. Most importantly, he is a husband, father, mentor and community collaborator in his hometown of Navasota, Texas.